Printed Tablecloths Make A Memorable Impression

There is an important facet of marketing, pulling together a complete corporate image.

There is an old adage which says “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” While you might have several meetings, you can never overcome the first impression you made on a prospect.

Businesses big or small spend thousands of dollars on marketing annually. Often trade shows are a necessary evil, and an extra cost. Many companies are cutting that line item because they don’t get measurable ROI.

Bottom line, trade shows are expensive and stressful. Ask yourself, what first impression does your current trade show marketing materials say about your company? Does your booth say you are someone to work with, or something they should just keep walking past…

People are bombarded with marketing messages. Often the trade show floor is chaotic, so you have a few seconds to draw attention to your booth. A bright updated colorful booth draws attention. I’m sure you’re not wearing clothes from the ‘80’s, so why are you still using the same old marketing materials?

A custom printed trade show table cloth is a low cost way to quickly improve your trade show first impression. There are so many other options including professionally designed graphics, and full color booths with customized panels. Luckily, custom printed tablecloths come in all sizes, colors, and materials. There are also banners and pop-up booths made from lightweight materials. Best of all these materials are easy to set up, made of lighter materials which are a cost effective way to ship to the show.

A company often spends thousands of dollars to attend a single trade show. Losing one sale far outweighs the cost of updating your materials. Take an inventory and make a decision to update your marketing before your next trade show.