Avoid Boring Trade Show Displays

Imagine displaying a new product on a tabletop. Everything is in place, but you might be overlooking one key element – A custom printed tablecloth.

Color triggers emotions, and you have about a minute to capture your prospects attention. Whether you display a product at a local event or attend numerous trade shows, a custom printed table cloth is a key addition to your marketing arsenal.

Most trade shows give you a 10 x 10 booth only. Then it is up to you to make it your own. You can get a table with a white table skirt. Boring. Table covers add to your professional image, especially when you display on a point of sale (POS) table.

A company logo on a customized printed table cloth is the perfect way to spice up a booth. They set you apart from the crowd. Bottom line, customized table covers are a simple, unobtrusive, subliminal marketing tool.

A table cover is designed to create brand recognition. Luckily, custom printed table cloths are available in 74 different colors. The table cover is machine washable for easy maintenance. They are finished with inverted stitching and pleated corners so they add a classy, professional look and feel.

As a former trade show manager I can assure you having several types of trade show table cloth styles are important. Some trade show companies, such as GES, have stringent requirements for tradeshow display materials. Custom printed table covers come in specialty fabric styles such as Liquid Repellent Poly Poplin, Flame Retardant Poly Knit and Eco Poly Poplin.

Smart marketing managers know they need to stay current. Custom printed table cloths are a great way to rotate your marketing message, and keep current, without breaking your budget.